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Preventative Care Services

At Trace Regional Health System, our Family Clinics are conveniently located throughout our local communities to offer the best care for your family’s needs. The most important part of our care services are our preventive care services. Focusing on preventive care, our goal is to prevent potential health problems and catch and treat them early by encouraging regularly scheduled physician check-ups and screenings so that we can keep you and your family healthy and on the go!


All insurances in one way or another are now obligated to offer forms of preventive care at little or no cost to the patient due to the Affordable Care Act. Please check with your insurance provider to see what preventive services are covered in your plan or feel free to call our clinics to have them check for you. If you have obtained insurance from or a state-provided insurance program, click on the links below to see the preventive services they provide:



Trace Clinics
Trace Pathways
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