Why Trace Pathways?

The Pathways Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatric Unit is located at Trace Regional Health System in Houston, MS. We are licensed by the Mississippi State Department of Health for 18 beds. Our program schedule provides for 39+ hours of structured programming per week.

The Pathways staff is comprised of Ken Lippincott, MD, who is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and serves as our Medical Director. Marianne Johnson, RN MSN is our Director of Clinical Servicers and Chief Nursing Officer for Trace Regional Health System; Chris Lancaster, LCSW serves as our lead therapist/clinician and Will Howard, BA is our Activities Director. Terry Martin serves as our Community Outreach Coordinator. Medical coverage is provided to all patients by our Hospitalists with around the clock RN care provided.

The data analysis below reflects the clinical product and positive outcomes that our patients receive throughout their hospitalization.



Explanation: The accepted falls data formula is # of fall/# patient days/1000, with this number being # of falls per 1000 patient days. For FY 14 our annualized falls rate was 9.0 falls/1000 patient days.

The National Benchmark for falls on a Geriatric Psychiatric Unit is 13.1 to 25.0 falls per 1000 patient days. Our internal benchmark for FY 2014 was 10 falls per 1000 patient days.


No episodes of restraints this fiscal year. We take great pride in considering our unit Restraint Free. The staff is trained in therapeutic communication and utilizing the least restrictive mechanism possible to defuse a situation.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please call the unit at (662) 456-1230 or 1231. Our assessments are free of charge and there is someone available 24/7 to take your call.

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