FAQ’s About Trace Pathways

Length of stay?

Length of stay will be determined by the treatment goals that are determined by the interdisciplinary team and patient. Typically, our patients stay for 10-14 days

What do I bring?

3-4 changes of clothes. All laundry services will be provided at the facility during the patient’s stay. Please ensure the clothes are comfortable and relaxing as if they were in their own home. Be sure that valuables do not come with the patient as the environment of the unit is sociable and some rooms may be shared. Also, please check to make sure that nothing brought is sharp or could become sharp if broken such as glassware or keepsake trinkets.

Who will be my doctor?

Our patients will have 2 doctors for their treatment. The psychiatrist will be attending the patients’ case and the hospital’s doctors will provide all other medical consultation needed.

Why is the unit locked?

This is for the patient’s safety. Patients will sometimes attempt to leave treatment before discharge and could possibly serve harm to either themselves or others inside the health campus. Also, it is locked to limit the visiting traffic coming into the building. We will be glad to further consult this policy with you if there are remaining concerns with this

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